New-born Care – Be prepared for being a Mom

Just when you are preparing for delivery after 9 months of long wait and discomfort, the feeling of becoming a mom can be overwhelming. You are eagerly waiting to welcome your new-born and hold your baby in your arms. As a new mom, a lot of things can be new to us, due to lack of knowledge and experience.

Most of us don’t realize the importance of post natal care and neonatal care. The new-born care period begins from birth and lasts up to 6 weeks. The first few weeks can be chaotic with your little one. However, with some useful advice and tips from experts and experienced mothers, your life after delivery can get easy.

Following are some tips for New-Born Care and preparing for being a mom:

1} Prepare yourself way before birth

It is always important to prepare for your little one’s arrival ahead of time. Be it clothes or breast feeding or formula feed, be prepared to get as much as knowledge that will help you to get started immediately after birth. It is also advised to talk to a lactation consultant about breast feeding and attend neonatal care classes in your hospital. There you can learn the basics of feeding, bathing, holding and so on. This will help you feel much more comfortable in the first few weeks after birth.

2} Ask for Help

Although we all love to be independent, new mothers need advice and help. No one can help you better than you mother, grandmother, nurses and your doctor as they all have experience. Ask for help where required and be glad to accept when help is offered. If your experienced friends suggest you what to do, then there is no harm in taking their advice.

3} Take Adequate Rest

Adequate rest for both the new mother and baby is very important. Do not indulge in household chores after your delivery. Every time your baby sleeps, it is advisable that the new mother takes a nap too. Sleep and rest is very important for the body to recover from postpartum.

4} Accept Visitors only when you are ready

Although it’s nice to accept help, it doesn’t mean you should end your privacy. Soon after birth, a lot of relatives express their desires to meet the new mom and baby. However, indulging in the new parent’s personal space can be annoying. As a new mom, it is completely up to you to decide if you and your spouse are ok to welcome relatives for a visit. It is completely ok if you don’t want to entertain anyone for a few weeks.

5} Go outside

Babies are fussy and demanding the first few weeks. Staying indoors trying to pacify them can be overwhelming. Going out in the fresh air with your baby can do a lot of change to yours and your baby’s mood. It is sometimes relaxing to stay outdoors with your baby.

There is no short cut to being a mom. Take it one day at a time. Initially when you start it out, you feel frustrated for not being good at anything. However, as days go by everything will settle down and run smoothly. Your new-born will be a new-born only for a few months. Enjoy the phase as it lasts.

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