Does your loved one need Neurosurgery? Understand the Pros and Cons of Neurosurgery

We understand that neurosurgery, or brain surgery, can be a bit scary procedure to go through. For this reason, it is imperative to have all your doubts and questions cleared out before taking this enormous step.

If a member of your family or any friend of yours is planning to go through such kind of complicated surgery, it is better to have a thorough understanding of the basics related to this field of medical science.

Like we know, neurosurgery refers to the surgical procedure performed on the nervous system, mainly the brain and the spinal cord. This surgical procedure is the most common and preferred method of removal of brain tumors from a patient. Fortunately, most types of benign brain tumors can be successfully removed by performing this surgical procedure. However, neurosurgery also has its own risks as well as pros and cons.

Ways in which neurosurgery can improve your life

  • This surgical procedure can provide the complete removal of certain brain tumors
  • It allows doctors to sample, examine, and diagnose any abnormal growth, which may or may not be a tumor. Accordingly, doctors can recommend the best path to take for recovery.
  • The surgical procedure can allow a patient to enjoy an improved quality of life.
  • The surgery to remove the brain tumor will ensure there is less pressure on the skull and brain caused by the brain tumor.
  • The surgical procedure will ensure reduced symptoms caused by the presence and effect of the tumor. It will also allow the patient to regain or improve their ability to function which may have become impaired due to the tumor (speaking, seeing, talking, hearing, reduced motor movements, etc.)
  • The medical procedure allows patients who have successfully recovered from the surgery to enjoy a longer, healthier life.
  • It is the shortest approach allowing surgeons to properly gauge the size and danger of the tumour.


Focusing on the cons of neurosurgery


  • The surgical procedure may only partially remove the tumor. Every surgery cannot guarantee complete removal of the brain tumor.
  • The surgical procedure may cause lesions and ablations to other parts of the brain during the surgery, causing further damage.
  • It can be difficult to diagnose the cause and effect of a mental illness by using neurosurgery.
  • It can be a lengthy and expensive procedure.
  • Only a skilled surgeon can perform this medical procedure and even then, there are risks such as bleeding out, sudden seizures, hemorrhage, and risks involved with anesthesia.
  • It is possible that accidental damage might be caused to the area around the removal of the tumor.
  • Sometimes the brain swells up after the surgical procedure. This might cause extra pressure on the skull which can be very painful and dangerous to the patient.
  • Recovery time is lengthy for this medical procedure

While there are pros and cons to this surgical procedure, it is still considered the safest bet for the removal of brain tumors. The trained, skilled and competent neurosurgeons at Gunam Hospital perform the medical procedures on a patient with ease, allowing the patient to feel comfortable and safe in their expert hands.