Old is not obsolete. This saying goes well with surgery. Surgery is still highly dependent on general surgery. Yes, sophisticated instruments, procedures, are coming up in the field very fast but is going to be really a long wait till advanced surgery procedures replace general surgery. Surgeons also first learn general invasive surgery, then only they take training in handling the latest equipment. A surgeon means he has the experience and training in general invasive surgery. General Invasive surgery was being applied to all parts of our body successfully. The latest techniques are the only up gradation by virtue of technology fusion in the medical field. We cannot undervalue the importance of general invasive surgery. There are a few General Invasive Surgery Hospitals in HOSUR. In many cases, these are cost-effective, and in some cases, General Invasive Surgery Hospitals in HOSUR or any other place is more suitable.

Benefits of general invasive surgery are:-

  • Easily available in many small and big towns alike.
  • The cost is comparatively low.
  • Surgeons are easily available.
  • Could be applied to any kind of surgery.
  • The notable demerits are: –
  • Takes longer time to operate.
  • Has to make a bigger cut.
  • Takes more time to recover.
  • More chances of infection.

In spite of this General, Invasive Surgery is important for saving a life, and treating many diseases.

In the General Invasive Surgery Hospitals in HOSUR, many surgeries are done by general procedure. To name some

  • Reconstructive surgery.
  • Gall bladder surgery.
  • Breast surgery of non-cosmetic nature.
  • Organ transplant surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery in Hosur is generally done by general surgery. All Minimally invasive Surgeons in India, are general surgeons first then they go for specialised training in minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive term applies to surgery of our internal organs. It means removing the unwanted part from our internal organ by narrow pathways. Hi-tech endoscope, cutting laser tool, and suction tools for removing the scrap from the inside of our body. Sometime Minimally invasive Surgeons in India use robots for these type of surgery but strictly under their control. Electronic and information technology has invaded all areas of our life for the better. Likewise in surgery also the use of latest tools are growing day by day. But generally invasive surgery is the basic of all surgeries as such it is going to stay with us for long and that too for our benefit.


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