Improve your Appearance and Abolish Burn Scars with Burn Surgery

Are any of your relatives suffering from burn injuries and you are looking for vital information about burn surgery before going to a hospital? Or you simply want to gain some general ideas about this critical surgical procedure? If so, here is a brief guide for you.

What Is Burn Surgery?

Burn surgery is the surgical procedure of treating and reconstructing the body parts, affected by a severe burn injury. With the help of trauma surgery, the injured and deformed body parts as a result of a burn injury can be healed, reconstructed, and modified. Burn surgery, depending on the severity of the injury, has been categorised into two main types and they are:

  1. Acute burn surgery.
  2. Reconstructive burn surgery.

Acute trauma care is provided immediately after the burn injury takes place. The treatment is provided by a team of trauma surgeons who specialize in acute burn care. Likewise, reconstructive burn surgery is recommended for improving both the functionality and the cosmetic appearance of burn marks from the body. This surgical procedure involves the alteration of scar tissue, with both operative and non-operative treatments.

What Type Of Diet Should A Patient With Burn Surgery Have?

Patients with undergoing a burn surgery have an increased metabolic rate which because of this, a patient needs to increase the intake of calorie and protein amount. The regular diet of a patient with burn surgery needs to be high with calorie and protein. Considerations, while preparing diet chart for burn surgery patient should be made on the basis of calorie counts and nutrition supplements.

How Often Should A Patient Need To Change The Surgical Dressings?

After going through burn surgery, a patient needs to change the dressings within 5-7 days. The dressings need to be moist and smooth, and the Silvadene needs to be regularly altered. Moreover, the wound also needs to be washed in between each dressing session. Patients can take the help of home-health nurses for changing the dressings of surgery.

Do Burn Surgeries Have Any Alternative?

Yes, alternatives to burning surgery are widely available. If you want to go through non-operative procedures for healing the burn wounds, then opting for non-operative therapies like scar massage, usage of pressure garments, and topical treatments are worth considering. The surgical procedures mainly involve the removal of burn scars and marks. But the non-operative treatments include the rehabilitation of burns and injuries including the removal of scars.

How to Prepare For Burn Surgery?

For going through an operative procedure for burn injury, the first step is to consult a plastic surgeon. During the consultation for surgery, you need to provide the complete information about your medical history, including details about past surgeries; previous and current medical conditions; and also information about the herbal supplements or medications you are taking. Apart from this, you also need to give a complete physical examination and explain the detailed issues and complications you are facing.

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