A Synopsis of Reconstructive Surgery and Its Crucial Factors

Are you not happy with your facial features  or worried about your congenital defects and developmental abnormalities and planning to go for a surgery that can heal your issues? But do you know going under the knife is a big deal and if something goes wrong, it can worsen your problems? Going for reconstructive surgery is not something, to be taken frivolously. Before you make a big decision of having surgery to modify the developmental abnormalities, here is an article to guide you through the necessary factors, the practicality of results and approximate expenses. Have a look:

What is reconstructive surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is all about reconstructing, modifying, repairing defective body parts. But in the medical term, it is a surgical procedure that is carried out to rectify the defective structures or malign shapes of the body parts. These defects may be aesthetic, affecting the appearance of eth person, or may be affecting the functionality of the body due to inherited blemishes or developmental deformities, ordeal, infectivity, or any other ailments. Most people think reconstructive or plastic surgeryis done for enhancing the ability and function of a defective body part, but it is also performed for achieving a more typical look of the affected structure of the body.

Who Can Go For Reconstructive Surgery?

From infant to young and older adults, with a defective body part, caused by infection, tumor, developmental inabilities or any other medical conditions can go for reconstructive surgery. While most commonly, this operation is employed for improving and restoring the appearance of an individual, it also can be done for minimizing the visual impact of the severe wound or defect.

What Are The Types of Reconstructive Surgery?

  • Breast Reconstruction or Reduction for enhancing or reducing breast size
  • Surgeries for restoring feet and hands affected by maladies like tumors
  • Wound Care Surgery for treating severely burned or cut injury
  • Microsurgery Or Flap Procedures for replacing body parts affected by injury or ailments like cancer
  • Facial Surgeries for rectifying facial defects

Is There Any Insurance Coverage for Reconstructive Surgery?

Well, yes there is a number of insurance coverage’s for reconstructive surgeries. Unlike an elective cosmetic method, most insurance agencies provide coverage to people with functional defects. To be assured, you need to get your surgeon’s recommendation letter and take pictures detailing your medical case.

How Much Does A Reconstructive Surgery Costs In India?

The approximate cost and charges of reconstructive operation vary on the basis of location, medical condition, the severity of the problem and the type of surgery you are opting for. However, on an average, its price range can start from Rs. 1, 00, 000 and can go up to Rs. 2, 50, 000 and more.

What Factors Are To Consider About Reconstructive Surgery?

Despite talking and consulting a physician or plastic surgery expert, you need to consider some other factors while thinking about reconstructive surgery and here are some of them:

  • The severity of damage, be it a physical or functional
  • Prior surgeries and past medical conditions
  • Personal preferences like financial status, outlook about surgery and scope for further treatment
  • Availability of good healthcare center in locality

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